Local Business, Government, Medical, Banking and Education Rely on KsFiberNet

KsFiberNet is based in Kansas, with our Network Operations Center located in Kansas. Our Network is MEF 2.0 compliant. Our staff is experienced, MEF 2.0 certified and local. Our dedicated sales and technical teams live and work in the communities we serve. As a part of the local economy, we know what it takes to help you succeed.

With symmetric speeds of 10 Mbps to 1 Gbps, KsFiberNet’s business class internet access provides you proactive network monitoring, content delivery network (CDN) peering and multiple upstream Tier 1 providers ensure a reliable, efficient, high-performance network. In the rapidly changing market, KsFiberNet strives to lead the way in technology and coverage, all while keeping you in mind.

KsFiberNet’s private data networks provide a fast, secure and efficient way to connect your business locations. This guarantees that the bandwidth is always there for you. It’s your network. Use it when you need it!

Technology is bringing multimedia resources to the classroom, digital curricula, online streaming and more. KsFiberNet provides the high-speed bandwidth to connect classrooms, educators and administrators.

If customer and financial data security are a top concern, KSFIBERNET’s sales engineers can create a custom private network between your branches. We’ll ensure your connection is safe, and our Ethernet and VPN services will deliver steady bandwidth to support simultaneous transactions.

KsFiberNet is the easy button. We are on the State of Kansas WAN contract, including political subdivisions (education, healthcare, local government). Customers can avoid RFP’s by using the state contract for a variety of our services.

Organizational demands and government regulations are changing faster than ever.

Let KsFiberNet help you with your need for bandwidth and a dedicated, private, secure network. We can provide you with reliable network options, including Dark Fiber, Ethernet or Wavelengths.

Your Organization Should Be This Connected

KsFiberNet partners with businesses, government agencies, medical organizations and educational institutions to improve service while reducing costs. We provide secure, reliable connectivity at competitive rates, and our network redundancy ensures security, reliability and resilience.

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