At KFN, you are surrounded by intelligent individuals who work hard and are continually engaged in self-directed learning and knowledge sharing, which results in a high level of collaboration. Everyone at KFN does their very best to meet or exceed customer expectations. Our team finds joy in their work, knowing that their efforts help build community connections and friendships among the team.

Our Values Guide Everything We Do

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Occasionally, we like to have some fun too!

Several times a year, our entire staff gets together, shares a meal, and engages in friendly competition. Whether it’s our annual Corn Hole Tournament, Bowling, or Pickleball you’ll find our team enjoying the friendships built at KFN. All of our associates genuinely enjoy and care for each other.

You’ll love working here too.

Employee Photo - AJ Renfrow

“I would say the most positive factors (about working at KFN) for me are trust and accountability, my skills and abilities are known to those around me and it is also shown to me in various ways that those skills and abilities are necessary and important. I’m accountable for getting my work completed, my team trusts me to do that, and I trust them to let me do it without any unnecessary micro-managing.”

 – AJ Renfro, Network Design Engineer

Employee Photo Jerry Kaufmann

“I consider the culture at KFN to be a family-oriented environment where everyone is ready to pitch in and help to move our business forward. Communication is good to ensure everyone is aligned and understands the key metrics the company is measured against. I sense all of our associates genuinely enjoy and care for each other.”

 – Jerry Kaufmann, Director of Business Development

Join us. Your new future begins at KFN.