Your Eyes on Your Network

It’s time your business has a provider who gives you the ultimate transparency: real time access to viewing your network.

Unprecedented Access

With KFN’s Klear, your business gains unprecedented access to the status of your circuits and networks, empowering you with real-time information at your fingertips.

Proactive Problem Solving

Gone are the days of uncertainty and frustration; Klear provides you with a clear understanding of your business’ network performance and facilitates enhanced problem identification, pinpointing issues whether they reside in applications, hardware, customer equipment, KFN’s network infrastructure.

Bandwidth Management

One of Klear’s standout features is its preemptive bandwidth management capabilities. By analyzing service and Internet utilization, Klear identifies when additional bandwidth is required and notifies your business promptly, accompanied by comprehensive supporting reports, thus minimizing downtime and optimizing performance.


Klear’s telecom manager feature provides invaluable performance management statistics, empowering your business to make informed decisions and maximize the efficiency of your communications infrastructure.

Are you ready to take your business connectivity to the next level?

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