Our statewide network provides the reliability & flexibility needed to keep your organization running at optimum efficiency. Our Ethernet solution is designed to help connect multiple offices, or serve many users, with consistency.

Discover a new sense of reliability and flexibility with Ethernet from KSFiberNet (KFN). Our Ethernet service allows your business to scale with power, securely connecting your headquarters to every branch location.

KFN offers robust network-based options for increased flexibility, efficiency and visibility.

  • Scalable 10 Mbps to 10G

    Significantly increase bandwidth to accommodate your growing business.

  • Ethernet Private Line – EPL

    Stay connected in a private environment. Better secure your sensitive data as it travels through the Ethernet on an Ethernet Private Line (EPL), off of the public internet.

  • Point to Point or Hub Arrangements

    Point to point, point to multi-point and multi-point to multi-point configurations allow companies to establish a direct connection between two or more devices, ideal for transmission encryption and compression. KFN’s Ethernet service further protects these arrangements.

  • Flexible Network Designs

    Business growth and increased applications keep network design a constant project in process. KFN provides a fiber that does not intervene with business growth. In fact, our fiber keeps this process running smoothly and securely across your network.

  • Delivered with Fiber Directly to Your Place of Business

    No interruptions, strictly secure. KFN brings speed and precision via seamless Ethernet connections, safer and faster than Wireless.

  • Support Multiple Services from One Interface

    Make various connections on a single interface. KFN allows businesses to carry out a high capacity of services with just one connection, scaling the capabilities of those businesses.

  • Support Diverse Applications and Multiple On-Net Locations

    Securely access a diverse array of enterprise-level applications with the reliability and connectivity from multiple locations.

  • Add Locations and Scale Bandwidth

    As a company grows, so should its bandwidth. KFN offers the ability to scale your bandwidth from 10 Mbps to 10 G. All your locations transfer and receive information smoothly and securely with KFN.

KFN serves a wide array of industries in the state of Kansas, including but not limited to the following: 

  • Carrier
  • Business
  • Financial
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Government

Significantly faster than its predecessor, Gigabit Ethernet has taken the place of the once popular “Fast Ethernet” within wired local networks. It allows a theoretical maximum data transfer rate of approximately 1 Gbps (or 1 GigE).

KFN provides this type of Ethernet service for companies to increase their bandwidth significantly on their networks.

Get carrier-class performance with SLAs for availability and Ethernet, and serve on-net and near-net towers with KFN’s Ethernet Backhaul service. 

Read more on KFN’s Ethernet Backhaul.

Although wifi has increased in popularity over the years, Ethernet functions faster than the average wireless connection. Why? The cable wires transfer data more smoothly than invisible waves in an area, with little to no interruption. 

When it comes to running a business, it is more practical to rely on Ethernet than wifi for data transfer, especially if the network is composed of a high number of computers and your internet connection exceeds 100 megabits. KFN can guide you towards the most useful Ethernet option for your business.


Carrier-grade premium Ethernet service with no oversubscription

  • Fiber access with dedicated Gigabit port for bandwidth scalability
  • MEF Compliant point to point, Point to Multi-Point and Multi-Point to Multi-Point configurations.
  • Bandwidth options from 10 mb to Gigabit and beyond with route protection.


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