Overland Park, KS, (July 1, 2024) – KFN is proud to announce a new integration continuing its commitment to network security. Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) technology, the cornerstone of global inter-domain routing, is essential for exchanging information among the various networks that comprise the Internet. Despite its critical role, BGP was designed decades ago without intrinsic means to verify a “route origination,” which ensures that the Internet address being accessed is indeed valid.

To tackle this vulnerability, KFN has integrated Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) into its network infrastructure. RPKI enables the validation of a route’s origin by creating cryptographically verifiable associations between specific IP address blocks or autonomous system numbers and the legitimate holders of those Internet number resources. This implementation is a significant step forward in bolstering Internet security.

Key Benefits of KFN’s Security Enhancements:

  • Enhanced Verification: With RPKI, KFN can authenticate the origin of Internet routes, reducing the risk of route hijacking and ensuring that data reaches its intended destination.
  • Data Protection: KFN’s proactive measures mitigate security risks, ensuring that your Internet feeds are secure and your internal data remains uncompromised.
  • Trust and Reliability: By adopting these advanced security protocols, KFN reinforces its commitment to providing a safe and reliable Internet experience for all users.

Mike Morrissey, KFN’s Chief Technology Officer, shares “A comprehensive security plan in today’s connected world requires multiple layers of security from the computer login and encrypted data to the network connections that brings the users and data together. KFN’s implementation of secure Internet routing demonstrates our continued commitment to provide the best security, reliability and customer service in the business.”

KFN invites businesses and Internet users to test the security of their Internet Service Provider through the following link: https://isbgpsafeyet.com/. If the test does not return a message indicating a secure route, KFN welcomes the opportunity to discuss how its solutions can enhance your network security.

For more information about KFN and its initiatives, visit www.ksfiber.net.

About Kansas Fiber Network

Kansas Fiber Network (KFN) is a regional communications infrastructure provider with an unwavering obsession on service excellence and speed. KFN connects communities in the Central U.S. with a state-of-the-art 100 Gbps 4,200+ mile fiber network with a multi-state footprint and national reach. KFN provides transport and Internet services to Carriers and Enterprises in Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Colorado, and the surrounding states. KFN was chartered in 2009 as a statewide network and has grown into a regional provider using our fiber network to support bandwidth intensive applications in banking, wireless, healthcare, education, government, and many other verticals across the region. To learn more, please visit www.ksfiber.net and follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook.