Overland Park, KS, (March 28, 2024) –KFN, a leading provider of fiber connectivity solutions in the Kansas City region, is pleased to announce that CEO, Tom Marx, participated in a panel discussion hosted by the Kansas City Business Journal. The panel focused on the critical topics of infrastructure and workforce development within the community.

The panel conversations, which were published on March 21st , brought together key stakeholders and leaders to discuss the challenges and opportunities surrounding infrastructure development and the skilled workforce needed to support it. Marx shared insights from KFN’s perspective on the importance of robust fiber connectivity in driving economic growth and innovation, particularly in the Kansas City region.

“As a company deeply invested in providing reliable fiber connectivity solutions, we understand the pivotal role infrastructure plays in supporting businesses, communities, and economies,” said Marx. “Participating in discussions like these allows us to contribute our expertise and collaborate with local leaders to address challenges and build a more resilient and prosperous community.”

KFN has been at the forefront of delivering high-speed fiber connectivity to businesses, data centers, educational institutions, government agencies, and more in Kansas City. Their commitment to expanding and enhancing digital infrastructure has positioned them as a vital partner in the region’s economic development efforts.

The panel discussion provided a platform for stakeholders to explore strategies for fostering a skilled workforce capable of meeting the demands of a rapidly evolving digital landscape. By addressing workforce development challenges, the community can better position itself to attract and retain businesses, drive innovation, and create opportunities for residents.

KFN remains dedicated to supporting initiatives that promote infrastructure development and workforce growth in Kansas and beyond. Through partnerships, investments, and ongoing engagement, they aim to contribute to the long-term prosperity and success of the region.

For more information about KFN and its initiatives, visit www.ksfiber.net.


About Kansas Fiber Network

Kansas Fiber Network (KFN) is a regional communications infrastructure provider with an unwavering obsession on service excellence and speed. KFN connects communities in the Central U.S. with a state-of-the-art 100 Gbps 4,200+ mile fiber network with a multi-state footprint and national reach. KFN provides transport and Internet services to Carriers and Enterprises in Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Colorado, and the surrounding states. KFN was chartered in 2009 as a statewide network and has grown into a regional provider using our fiber network to support bandwidth intensive applications in banking, wireless, healthcare, education, government, and many other verticals across the region. To learn more, please visit www.ksfiber.net and follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook.