Better Service. Better Solutions. Four words KsFiberNet incorporates into our business model in order to continuously strive toward improvement and innovation. As a company, we believe innovation is crucial to our continued success. Our Outside Plant (OSP) team, led by Brian Cornish, is vital to implementing our innovative solutions.

Cornish was brought onto the team in April 2020 with 27 years of experience in OSP engineering and construction as an individual contributor and as management.

His experience includes serving as the OSP Engineer and Engineer Manager at AT&T local in Kansas City, the Engineer Manager and Area Manager at Century Link, and the Engineering Manager at Black and Veatch before joining KsFiberNet.

“I have worked for large and small companies and both have their advantages, but I prefer small businesses because you can be nimble and provide greater customer service. This is the reason I decided to join the KsFiberNet team.”

With Cornish overseeing the department, KsFiberNet’s OSP team is primarily responsible for the engineering and construction of our fiber as the bridge between sales and network operations.

“There is a wide array of what our group does,” Cornish says. “We expand network across the state with large backbone builds and everything in between, such as circuit turn up, relocates, and normal maintenance.”

OSP is the middle step in a three-step process for new builds and is the one with the longest lead time. This is primarily due to the variables they face throughout such as weather, material availability, and ground conditions.

With more than 100 years of experience combined, Cornish says there are not many situations that the team has not encountered. This allows them to be proactive instead of reactive, even as the industry advances.

“OSP is always evolving and we utilize newer technology such as micro duct and micro cable to increase efficiency and it is more cost effective to build out,” Cornish states. “We push the envelope to be more innovative.”

KsFiberNet is constantly striving toward improvement and state-of-the-art solutions, and employees like Cornish and his team are critical in achieving this goal. To learn more about the services KsFiberNet offers, email our sales team at